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STAR Property - Web-Based Property Sales & Management Solutions

STAR Property is our in-house developed standard web based property sales & management system by using PHP programming language and MySQL database. STAR Property developed to carter property sales and tenancy industry in Malaysia. STAR Property able to help user to manage their buyer or tenant data in systematic and digital ways.

At the same time, STAR Property able to improve user response time for searching buyer or tenant info without searching through all physical files and just simply in STAR Property.

STAR Property have features such as:-

  • Empowering marketing and credit control activities with integrated SMS and Email engine
  • Multiple company property management
  • No client installation needed - only needed is web browser
  • Simple and easy data entry
  • Graphical Information for property such as daily collection
  • One stop center to inquiries buyer or tenant info
  • Rich information reports which required for users to manage their customers
  • High security control